Debbie Calcote

Deborah T. Calcote, Deputy Director of the Division of Administrative Services

Deborah T. Calcote was appointed to Deputy Director in 2018.  The division provides the financial and operational infrastructure to support the delivery of services to patients, residents and their families in the agency’s inpatient and outpatient systems.

Ms. Calcote joined SCDMH in 1981 as a clinician at the newly formed Berkeley Community Mental Health Center.  As the Center developed, it afforded her opportunities to build on her professional experiences in the areas of program development and supervision, staff training and development, quality management, financial management, and strategic planning.  Ms. Calcote served as Berkeley’s Center Director from 2001 to 2018.

Ms. Calcote earned her MA in clinical counseling at University of West Florida. She credits the patients, their families and coworkers at DMH for showing her the embodiment of courage, resilience and compassion.