Kenneth M. Rogers, MD, State Director

On behalf of the South Carolina Mental Health Commission and the staff of the Department of Mental Health, thank you so much for your visit and your interest.

The Agency’s mission is to support the recovery of people with mental illnesses. Through a Statewide network of community mental health centers, clinics, and hospitals the Department of Mental Health’s clinical staff provide a complete array of medical and support services for children, adults, and families throughout South Carolina. We believe that with the right treatment and support, Recovery is possible.

From the establishment of the South Carolina State Hospital almost 200 years ago, to the beginning of community mental health services in the 1920s, to the evolution of today’s statewide, comprehensive mental health care delivery system, the South Carolina Department of Mental Health has strived to provide state-of-the-art care to meet the needs of citizens with mental illnesses.

SCDMH has several other important missions, as well, one of which is providing compassionate care to our Nation’s veterans through a network of Veterans’ Nursing Homes. I invite you to explore the broad array of services and programs the Department provides.


Kenneth Rogers, MD
State Director, SCDMH