The mission of Services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing People within the South Carolina Department of Mental Health is to provide a statewide system of care for the delivery of mental health services which promote recovery and allow enhanced mental functioning for Adults, Children and Families where Deafness presents a significant cultural and/or linguistic barrier.

As a national leader in the mental health service delivery to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people (and their families), SCDMH provides:

  • Community-based mental health services to deaf and hard of hearing people who reside in each county of South Carolina.
  • Appropriate inpatient services to those deaf or hard of hearing people in need of that level of care, regardless of their age or physical condition.
  • Appropriate housing services and supports to individuals who, because of their mental health problems are unable to sufficiently meet their own housing needs.
  • Specialized mental health services to deaf children and their families, to enable them to grow and develop into effective and productive adults in society.
  • Training and orientation about the impact of deafness to other SCDMH divisions and to law enforcement personnel through training provided by the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI).
  • Consultation and support to other states and mental health agencies regarding the development, funding and implementation of appropriate services to this underserved cultural minority.
  • Liaison services between the South Carolina Department of Mental Health and deafness-related stakeholder organizations and individuals within South Carolina.