The Kershaw Clinic is changing its operations until further notice.

Posted Tuesday, March 17, 2020

We’re sure you’ve read and heard about the cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in our area.

To help keep patients, staff, and our community healthy and prevent further spread of the virus, the Kershaw Clinic (2611 Liberty Hill Road, Camden) is going to operate differently than usual:

  • If you have a routine (scheduled) appointment, one of our nurses will call you to help you with your current needs BY PHONE so you will not need to come to the Clinic in person.
  • The Clinic will remain open for NEW walk in visits and emergencies. If you come in as a walk in, you will be asked 4 health screening questions.
  • Remember, this is a precaution to help limit exposure to the Coronavirus in our community.
  • We must all do our part to keep our families, friends, and neighbors safe and healthy.
  • Community Crisis Response and Intervention staff will continue to respond to crises in our community. To reach CCRI, call (833) 364-2274.

**There are no known cases of Covid 19 among any South Carolina Department of Mental Health patients, residents, or staff.**