Sierra Cunningham
Sierra Cunningham, SCDMH Patient Affairs Coordinator

Sierra Cunningham graduated from the historic Johnson C. Smith University in 2017, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Community Health and a minor in Health Communication, and began her career in human services at the South Carolina Department of Social Services. Sierra believes in health education, and feels it is necessary to not only know and understand the issues plaguing our communities, but also know the best means to convey information to audiences. She takes pride in educating people of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds on promoting healthy behaviors and is passionate about advocating for the well-being and improved quality of life for all members of the community.

It has been her pleasure to have served the state of South Carolina in many capacities; she worked closely with the Department Vocational Rehabilitation as she secured her master’s degree in Rehabilitation. Sierra is delighted to  serve as the Patient Affairs Coordinator for the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, as such she will be responsible for coordinating trainings; creating community partnerships; enhancing the role of the Agency’s Peer Support Specialists; and most importantly, bringing the voice of those with lived experiences to management decisions. She has many innovative ideas for the Office of Transition and looks forward to much fulfillment within the DHM family.

Patient Affairs Coordinators “Build Bridges to the Community”

The Patient Affairs Coordinator develops initiatives to promote recovery for people diagnosed with mental illness – such as coordinating regional trainings for certified peer support specialists; providing mental health trainings across the state; and presenting anti-stigma presentations to the community.

The Coordinator also fosters empowerment among all patients to tell their own recovery stories and advocates to stakeholders concerning mental health issues.