Founded in the 19th century, SCDMH utilized several cemeteries for patient internment. Remains not interred by family were buried at one of the following cemeteries: Elmwood Cemetery (three areas), Geiger, Slighs Avenue, and Pisgah Church Road.

In 2010, SCDMH completed a database of former patients buried by the State Hospital. From hand-written, archived documents, staff collected and matched names, grave numbers, and locations going back to 1893, the earliest date for which burial records could be found. Inclusion in the database erred on the side of caution. Unless the disposition of the deceased was indicated clearly in the records as buried by family or some other organization, the name is included.

The database, which contains burial information of thousands of individuals who died while patients at the SC State Hospital, is searchable, and contains ONLY public information. To search the database, click here.

Grave Markers

The resting places of the people buried in the DMH cemeteries were historically identified only by numbered concrete markers. DMH has developed a policy whereby family members may purchase traditional, named gravestones and replace the numbered markers. To find out more about this process, call the Office of Public Information at (803) 898-4321.