The SCDMH Speakers Bureau provides speakers on mental health issues to non-profit groups and organizations (civic clubs, community groups, schools, etc.) throughout the state. The purpose of the service is to raise awareness of mental health issues and enhance community education related to services and programs available through SCDMH.

Speakers available represent a number of areas. Topics Include:

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Children's Mental Health Issues
  • Emergency Services
  • Patient Advocacy and Rights
  • Homelessness and Mental Illness
  • Peer Support

Other topics may be available upon request. Please note that, due to travel restrictions, all topics are not available in all areas of the state. SCDMH will do its best to match a qualified speaker to your group's needs. Please contact us with as much notice as possible.

If your company or organization has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), please contact it for a speaker before seeking one through SCDMH.

Please submit the following form to contact the Speakers Bureau and request a speaker.

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