The South Carolina Department of Mental Health (DMH) is the leading School Mental Health Services (SMHS) provider across South Carolina (SC). SMHS  provide school children diagnostic services, intervention services, and a range of treatments including individual, group, and family therapy. During the 2018-2019 academic year SMHS will be provided in over 700 public schools across South Carolina. Last year over 16,000 of South Carolina public school students received SMHS.

Masters-level Mental Health Professionals (MHPs), specializing in the provision of school-based mental health care, provide SMHS year-round utilizing Evidence-Based Practices. MHPs assist students, families and schools in developing comprehensive behavioral healthcare plans to address needs that may interfere with student educational success and overall wellbeing. MHP’s promote whole-school wellness and support school leadership as they navigate the intersection of social, emotional, and academic outcomes of students. SMHS provide non-stigmatizing and easily accessible services to children and their families in the school setting.

What are SMHS?

SMHS embeds certified mental health professionals in schools to help diagnose and treat emotional and behavioral health issues of children in an environment in which the student feels safe and comfortable.

Vision 2022
DMH and the Department of Education share a joint vision for the future growth of SMHS. While DMH is currently active in over 50% of SC public school, the two agencies are working together to provide access to SMHS to students in all SC schools by 2022.
SMHS History

DMH has been a leader in providing SMHS since 1993, when its first full-time SMHS program was implemented in Simpsonville, SC. As of October 2018, DMH provides SMHS in over 700 schools.