You are now going into a Microsoft Teams meeting used to facilitate communications between parties and individuals. By using this platform, you acknowledge the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of patient information and agree to abide by all confidentiality and privacy requirements. Patient information shall be maintained in compliance with all applicable federal and state statutes, including, 45 CFR Part 160 (HIPAA), 42 CFR Part 2 (Alcohol and Drug Program Confidentiality), § 44-22-100, S.C. Code (SCDMH Patient Confidentiality). Participants shall take care to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not overhear any discussion of confidential information. Participants shall take care to ensure that documents containing confidential information are not left in the open on the meeting platform or inadvertently shared. Further, participants will not save, record, share, post and/or photograph this videoconference without prior permission from the SCDMH Host. Unauthorized disclosure of confidential or privileged information is a serious violation of SCDMH policies and applicable statues, and may subject the violator to civil and/or criminal penalties.