The Waccamaw Center seeks to provide needed mental health services in an outpatient setting to individuals living with mental illness.  An outpatient setting is a clinic rather than a hospital. The Center provides clinic-based outpatient treatment to adults with a focus on enhancing the individuals psychological, emotional, and social functioning. The Center offers an array of services based on the strengths, abilities, needs and preferences of the patient and family.

Services may include individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, psychosocial rehabilitative services, psychiatric assessment, medication monitoring, and crisis intervention.

Individuals are screened and assessed by mental health professionals to determine appropriateness for Center services. During the assessment, an initial clinical assessment is completed in order to begin the process of treatment. Once complete the individual will begin work with a treatment team. A clinician will assist in developing a Plan of Care and will provide therapeutic services to help reach patient centered goals for recovery.  A physician will provide overall guidance of patient treatment and prescribe needed medications.  A nurse will assist patients with medication concerns between physician visits.