The Columbia Area Mental Health Center provides effective mental health services to the citizens of Richland and Fairfield Counties in response to public mandates and identified needs.  Priority is given to adults with serious and persistent mental illness and to children and adolescents who are seriously emotionally disturbed and their families.  The Center will promote a quality of life through its services and educational program which enhances the recovery of the persons served. 

Guiding Principles

The Columbia Area Mental Health Center will:

  1. Treat everyone (clients, families, and staff) with dignity, honesty, integrity, and respect. 
  2. Provide confidential, accessible services:
    • At convenient locations and hours.
    • In ways that are sensitive to the individual and their culture.
    • In a manner that enhances the client’s ability to lead a fulfilling, productive life.
    • That include comprehensive treatment as indicated by each person’s unique need.
    • To all who have a financial need regardless of their ability to pay.
  3. Work to increase the understanding of mental illness and promote positive community attitudes.
  4. Work with clients and, when appropriate, their families to prevent or mitigate the negative consequences of mental illness.
    Operate in a manner that is cost effective and fully accountable to the people we serve, to the SC Department of Mental Health, and to the public.
  5. Provide a work environment in which staff can provide excellence in service and flourish professionally and personally.