Clinical Care Coordination is located at all Community Mental Health Centers, Bryan and Harris hospitals, and most community clinics.

What we do

  • Care Coordination and Community Long-Term Care ensure the changing needs of patients and nursing home residents are addressed on an ongoing basis, ascertaining appropriate services are accessed and are effective in the least restrictive setting possible
  • A comprehensive Needs Assessment is completed with each patient or nursing home resident
  • Referrals to, linkages with, and monitoring of needed services follows

Who we serve

  • Adults and children with a serious mental illness meeting one or more eligibility category.
  • Children at-risk for abuse or neglect; intellectual and related disabilities; adult with serious, persistent mental illness; at-risk pregnant women and children; individuals with psychoactive substance disorder; individuals at-risk for genetic disorders; individuals with head and spinal cord injuries and related disorders; individuals with sensory impairments; or, individuals with functional impairments
  • Individuals who need the service
  • Community Long-Term Care: Nursing home level-of-care participants determined eligible through the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Clinical Care Coordination Brochure