Updated SCDMH Mental Health Center Guidelines – 2021

All facilities of the South Carolina Department of Mental Health continue to take precautions to protect patients, residents, and staff from exposure to COVID-19.

Until further notice, all SCDMH outpatient mental health Centers and Clinics are following these guidelines:

      • MASKS: Patients and employees are required to wear masks in common areas – if you do not have one, one will be provided to you.
        • In private spaces, e.g. offices, masks are not required for vaccinated employees. When patients are present in private spaces/offices, masks are not required, PROVIDED that the patient has consented.
      • TEMPERATURE CHECKS: Patients, visitors, and staff must have a temperature check upon entry to the building.
      • SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS are NO LONGER required of patients or those accompanying patients upon entry to the building.
      • PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Patients, those accompanying patients, and staff should make every effort to maintain physical distancing in accordance with current CDC guidelines when in common areas or when all present are not vaccinated.
      • VISITORS & DELIVERIES: Visitors who are not patients or accompanying patients MUST have an appointment. Deliveries should continue to be made to the lobby or designated area.
      • VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers may to return to centers and clinics, but proof of vaccination MUST be provided to center staff.

Updated June 23, 2021