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  • SC Peer Support Certification: Inquire for Upcoming Trainings. Contact SC Share at 803-739-5712,



Advocacy /Trending News

    • On August 17th a Peer Support Conference was sponsored by Transition Programs and Patient Affairs. It was held virtually and had several non-peer support specialist staff in attendance. In addition, we had eleven residents and staff from the Isle of Monetta CRCF attending in Room 323 of the Administration building in Columbia.
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    • 5 things you should know about stress.
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    • View the Peer Support Flyer here.
    • NAMI is searching for “Ending the Silence” presenters.
    • NAMI Releases First Free Online Class For Parents Of Children With Mental Illness
    • SCCADVASA is the statewide coalition of organizations providing intervention services to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and Primary Prevention programs to students and communities across the state.

Peer Support Specialists meet for the first time in a very long time for skill building activities, food and fun!

Eubanks Center Peer Living Room with Riley Lanier, Margaret Tripp and Robert Knight of the Spartanburg CMHC

“At times our light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.”  A Schweitzer

Throughout history, mental health treatment has been one of progression and regression. The quote below describes some of what those who have lived with mental illness have experienced.

“In the past, there was no such thing as mental illness, only madness. Its treatment was often indistinguishable from torture or murder.” -Dr. Thomas Pomeranz

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Marilyn Cramer right, Patti Teter, left

Community Spotlight

Marilyn Cramer is a contributing artist to the SCDMH Art of Recovery program. Marilyn is a kind spirit and a creative soul.  This year, 48 pieces of patient art were sold at the annual Shrimp Festival in Beaufort, SC. The artist's receive 100% of the proceeds. This validation builds self-esteem, self-worth, and promotes advocacy. Coastal Empire Community Mental Health Center (CECMHC) patients work very hard all year to submit works for the Art of Recovery’s exhibit at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston, the Taste of Beaufort, and the Beaufort Water Festival. Patients are able to express their recovery stories in the form of art. Marilyn is now sharing her skills with others weekly, by hosting an Art of Recovery class on Wednesdays at Canal Community Center.

Pictured left to right: Artist Marilyn Cramer and CECMHC Patient Affairs Coordinator Patti Teter selling art at the annual Shrimp Festival in Beaufort, SC.

Community News: Waccamaw

The South Carolina Department of Mental Health has sixteen Community Mental Health Centers.  Each provides very similar services, yet each center has a distinctive “flavor.”  I found myself driving to the Waccamaw CMHC upon a request from the Executive Director, “Jackie” Brown on the Friday before Memorial Day.  I was greeted and given a tour of a beautiful facility by the Director of Ancillary Services, Linda Wright. The May is Mental Health Awareness Month events were all occurring outdoors with hamburger, fruit pizza and great conversation with Care Coordinators and Peer Support Specialists.
On a beautiful sunny day, so close to the beach, much attention was given to the dunk tank where the Chief of Staff, Beverley “Doris” Smith was sitting in anticipation.  In the true spirit of recovery, the Patient Affairs Coordinator dunked Doris on the 4th and final ball.  The takeaway from this visit was that mental health care and recovery is being addressed by a capable and empathic staff, utilizing resources to cover three clinics in a large area.  Similar to other centers but with that Myrtle Beach air.

Certified Peer Support Specialists Take Initiative

Peer Support Specialists are great at providing hope and encouragement to the people they serve-to experience recovery.  Recovery, the basis of peer support, also requires taking initiative, risks and pursuing their dreams.  A few months ago, Lavinia Holder, Certified Peer Support Specialist Supervisor at Spartanburg CMHC sent me a copy of the Peer Support Satisfaction Survey.
She believed that the wording and organization of the survey caused the survey to reflect a perception of peer support specialists that was not accurate, even negative. She suggested that this survey could be revised to demonstrate a more accurate depiction of how patients determined their satisfaction of our Certified Peer Support Specialists.
Lavinia formed a workgroup with Christie Ewing of Tri-County and Riley Lanier of Spartanburg. They developed several versions and came to agreement on a form suggested to be used.  It was reviewed by Spartanburg CMHC and the Director of Transition Programs, Tracy Richardson.
During this process, we were contacted by Form Management and they conducted a process to make the survey an official SCDMH document.  Due to the initiative of Lavinia Holder, this survey will go into operation soon.  We are optimistic about the effect of this survey.

Beverley “Doris” Smith

Independent Advocacy Organizations